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The appearance and distinctive branding of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles visually describes and subconsciously relays the quality and reliability of the services you provide to your everyday market, and the type of business your are or have become.

Image is everything!

What is latex printing used for?

Latex printing is used across a wide range of applications and materials such as soft signage, wallpapers, vehicle graphics, banners and vinyl. With uses both indoor and outdoor, the ability to print on both coated and uncoated materials makes this method of printing extremely versatile.

No hazardous chemicals

In the past, commercial printing companies used solvent-based inks which contained compounds that were harmful to people and the environment. Latex ink was introduced as an alternative to solvent, with HP latex inks being made up of around 70% water.

Reducing the environmental and health concerns of printing means your finished product can be displayed anywhere, including healthcare or dining facilities.

Durable and resistant

Latex ink does have different life spans dependant on the material and whether it is located indoors or outdoors. However, latex printing is scratch and abrasion resistant, as well as water and chemical resistant to different levels. To find out more about the resistance of latex inks, check out HP’s guide for their print durability.